[Iceland, 6 days] Pictures on research

I will leave for Iceland trip in late of November , the end of fall. I will be there in only 6 days including arrival day, from Paris to Reykjavík (REK).

I gonna research all the pictures about the place my group will reach like the stunning spots we chosen.

In Iceland the weather and environment changes by the hour…

[Re-searching …]



South of Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss Waterfall & The village of Vik

1. Seljalandsfoss waterfall 

Sunset At Seljalandsfoss Waterfall photos Best Travel Photography in The World’s

2. Skogafoss Waterfall (Skogar) 

Skogarfoss waterfall South of Iceland

Skogarfoss waterfall
South of Iceland

Skógafoss: Due to the amount of spray from the fall, a single or double rainbow is normally visible on sunny days at the 200ft waterfall in Iceland. Popular with film makers, the waterfall was a location for the filming of the Marvel Studios filmThor: The Dark World and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

3. The village of Vik

Vik village South of Iceland

Vik village
South of Iceland

  •  Reynisdrangar peaks (Vik beach)


  •  Dyrhólaey beach & cliffs (Vik)


Reykjavik area

Reykjavik area


1. Reykjavik center city area

  • Reykjavik city center

Reykjavik’s lake, Tjörnin – Some winter birds making use of the defrosted section of the lake –

Hallgrímskirkja Church at night

Perlan (The Pearl), a unique piece of architecture – built in 1988, on the six water tanks which used to hold the city’s hot water supply.


  • Mount Esja (also called Esjan) is a popular recreational destination found just 6 minutes (10 km) North of Reykjavik. The views from Mount Esja will inspire any photographer, while the volcanic mountain range is beautiful to look at. There are hiking trails to the summits of the Pverfellshorn and Kerholakambur.

  • Seltjarnarnes area

The old lighthouse at Grótta

November – light house Grótta

Kvika footbath


2. Golden Circle

road 36,islanda

As a national park (since 1928) because of the special tectonic and volcanic environment. The continental drift can be clearly seen in the cracks or faults which are traversing the region, the biggest one, Almannagjá, being a veritable canyon. This causes also the often measurable earthquakes in the area. Þingvellir is situated on the northern shore of Þingvallavatn, the biggest lake of Iceland. The river Öxará traverses the national park and is forming a waterfall at the Almannagjá, called Öxaráfoss Together with the waterfall Gullfoss and the geysirs of Haukadalur, Þingvellir is part of the most famous sights of Iceland, the Golden Circle.


You can walk from there down the trail and into Almannagjá, the great fault



the Silfra


  • Geyser and hot spring area around Geysir


Fly Geyser

More in Geysir:  There is a restaurant kitchen with a difference – all the food is cooked in the ground with the help of the hot springs


Eggs cooked in the hot springs


Bread cooked underground


Bread with butter, herring and eggs


  • Gullfoss waterfall


Gullfoss waterfall – November

3. Blue Lagoon

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon by night

I researched some tips when swimming in Blue Lagoon. It is quite useful. Let see with me via Things No One Tells You About the Blue Lagoon




West routine

West routine

 1. Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell Mountain

Kirkjufell waterfall



2. Djupalonssandur

The lifting stones at Djúpalónssandur

into Djupalonssandur

into Djupalonssandur

Sunset at Djúpalónssandur

Sunset at Djúpalónssandur


3. Londrangar

Londrangar cliffs

Londrangar cliffs


4. Hellnar coast & Gislabaer harbor

Hellnar coast

Hellnar in west Iceland

Hellnar beach in west Iceland

Harbor at Hellnar

Harbor at Hellnar – Gislabaer harbor

Wiew from Gíslabær


5. Arnarstapi

Incoming Tide under Arnarstapi Arch


6. Búðir Wedding Budir019 Chris & Julie   Married. Búðir, Iceland.

7. Borgarnes

8. Deildartunguhver

The biggest Hot Spring in Europe

9. Hraunfossar & Barnafoss waterfall

Although not as spectacular or famous than the other big-name waterfalls in the world, both the Hraunfossar and Barnafoss are special in their very own unique way.

Barnafoss waterfall


10. The valley of Hnappadalur, an impressive wall of beautiful basalt columns forming geometric patterns in the cliffs



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